Public Opinion Surveys

Public Opinion Surveys

Transcend is one of the leading public opinion polling company specializing in political, public affairs, public policy research in India since 2012.

We have given out some fantastic analysis, which are not only remarkable but also undisputed. We have made unbiased projections having estimated the outcomes of every state and national election since our company was founded giving victory to Congress, BJP or any other regional party in the respective state / situation with a clear cut indication of our unbiased projection.

We provide accurate, Nonpartisan, evidence-based relevant data & analysis on public opinions, government policies on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping India and across the globe.

We partner with national policy makers, governments institutions, NGOs, Media houses, corporate organizations to enhance their data set of information, as our research is focused on producing accurate data that compels decisions to power engagement, strategy for government, marketing & communications that derives results adding value to their output.We help in enhancing the activities of decision makers across all the vibrant sectors of the economy.

Since last 5 years, Transcend has been helping political parties and candidates to win tough elections, by developing and implementing innovative research methodologies and research strategies tailored to the needs of the candidates and their constituencies and thereby providing them a winning formula with a set of actionable ideas thereby helping them to beat their competitors.

Owing to the dynamic nature of this field wherein each constituency is different, our approach to each constituency is also different and unique. We go all out to aggressively help our clients promote their goals, achievements and interests, in the best possible manner.

Not only do we provide insights which we achieve through our research data, we even help our clients implement them.Our USP is that, we offer strategic analysis and tactical recommendations based on our findings.

Transcend Polling & Surveys

Prior to elections Political Parties want to reach out to maximum people of their constituencies. However, how does one know exactly what their constituents think, believe or what impacts their daily lives? In a word – the solution is public opinion polls – and this is a primary reason why Transcend specializes in arming each of our clients with the best possible tools to capture the pulse of the entire voting segment.Understanding what voters are feeling, which issues are important to them, and where they stand on key issues will not only help you perform well with voters, but also serve well once elected.

The Key Elements to Each Transcend Public Opinion Polls Include:

Our customized market research solutions have guided strategy, increased exposure, and provided insight for hundreds of business and political campaigns. We have developed our polling software and market research systems specifically for campaign managers and volunteer teams. We understand exactly what you need to get the job done and supply you with the proper tools to achieve political success.

Phone Surveys use cutting-edge technology to gather valuable information for the candidate. We also ensure the questions are worded properly and do not lead the voter to respond in a particular way. This creates valuable and accurate information on how voters feel. Regular political polling monitors and measures public response to breaking news or new issues coming to the media’s attention. The information complied through accurate public opinion polls activated through Transcend enables you to adjust your message to address new and changing concerns of the public.


Transcend Reporting

  • Transcend provides in-depth comprehensive reporting and statistical breakdowns and for all polling & surveys, large and small.

Transcend Analysis

  • Math and statistics are at the heart of what we do. Transcend utilizes the latest in advanced statistical software to complete our analysis on all polling & surveys.

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