About Us

Transcend International stood up on deep rooted pillars in 2011. This organization founded by Mr. Ankit Merchant was in action with an aim of providing a generous top notch level of versatile services across the globe. Our First step was to provide the Mass tort services to United States. Transcend International has now expanded its business in last one year by providing Back office operation and recruitment services to U.K.

We have been proving a bench mark success in Back office operations for Legal, Health Care, Insurance and Manufacturing Industries. Giving a startup to RPO was a bulls eye hit for transcend international by providing end-end recruitment services. Started from just 15 Employees in 2011, Transcend International is now a team of 350+ people and is growing more to get the roots deeply embedded in the market.

We primarily serve our clients for Back office operations in Legal, Health Care, Insurance and Manufacturing Industries and along with that we are also an RPO that provides our clients end-to-end recruitment solutions. With over four years of Experience in U.S. and U.K. Currently we are in top list of trusted business partners.

Our business philosophy is based on four core values - Operational Excellence, Customer Focus, Product Leadership and People.

Our Values

With consistently changing the graph line of success in last five years Transcend International’s core values are still unchanged. The reason behind the evolution is our values that are being the guiding light till date.

Persistence, Perseverance and Patience – We believe that continuity in every process is the most definite way of being a trustable partner. Whether you fall or you jump if you are maintaining the continuity of the process by focusing the course of action regardless of the difficulties and odds you are respected. Thus we are in action all the time to grow and facilitate when it comes to clients, employees and business partners. With every good and bad experience we have learned and hence we try to find the best possible way to do difficult tasks which makes us innovative in a progressive way. With every step of growth Transcend International has provided equal opportunities to every candidate to deliver performance and platinum level.

What our clients say

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