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Healthcare BPO Solutions:

Medical Billing & RCM Services:

We are committed to provide professional and state of art revenue cycle management services to Hospitals, Clinics and other healthcare providers to navigate and succeed in an increasingly complex reimbursement environment. Since inception, We have grown as a company with an integrated portfolio of leading information technology, process, and domain expertise solutions to address the wide array of threats to the financial health of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and other essential providers.

Our approach to revenue cycle management, medical billing and reimbursement is comprehensive, practical and innovative. We leverage people, processes, information technology, and service to maximize the financial and operational performance, and ultimately the clinical performance, of our clients.

What we offer:

Medical Billing Services
Medical Coding Services
Medical Claims Services
Revenue Cycle Management
Denials & A/R Management

Medical Records Retrieval Services:

We understand the importance of underwriting strong policies in a timely manner for Law Firms and the Life Insurance Industry. Retrieving the Attending Physician’s Statement in a timely manner a crucial and detail-oriented part of the work that Life Insurance Companies and Attorneys have to undertake.

Our staff is experienced in handling APS requests on behalf of our clients. We work on a strong ethic of timely delivery with exceeding standards of customer service. Our employees are highly trained. From communicating with hospital medical records custodians to clinics and Physician’s offices; our impeccable quality of service is a testament to the focus and determination of our employees.

Transcription and typing Services

  • Conversion of complex transcripts into a easy-to-use verbatim transcripts is processed by our employees.
  • Categorization of the medical transcript leads into compliant or non-compliant slots is done by a team of expert quality analysts.

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