Services Based Solution

Legal Services:

We optimize team of professionals to improve operational costs and improve data management processes. Our Law and Legal industry clients are empowered by going through effortless vital information from handwritten, printed and digital documents. As a result they are enabled to focus on core legal operations with less consumption of time.

- Document Management

  • Our team of professionals is competent in handling handwritten, printed, scanned and digital documents for data entry and data extraction.
  • Our employees can accurately submit data into excel spreadsheet or online database that covers every single document made in your office.
  • Keeping the entire thing confidential our professionals can perform data entry from books, papers, image files, websites, hard copies, printed material, bills, receipts, mails, manuscripts and many more.

- Legal Research Services

  • Our professionals can extract relevant and required information from the suggested sources that accumulates our clients to take decisions wisely.
  • We do supply services that are related to business data research, company information research, compiling and updating database, mailing list research, property document research, verification, de-duplication of records and documents for sales support.

- Customer Care

  • Team of English speaking candidates takes care of our client’s day to day customers covering all areas of the industry.

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