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Insurance Services:

Email Management

The Industry whose competition level in the market is always at the top in past five years is Insurance industry, this is happening just because of the improvised socialization and access to the core of benefits in insurance.

In this competitive market one has to keep a branch where digitization of constant incoming paperwork, data entry and other back office operations can be done at lightning fast speed and along with that a keen point comes where the customer satisfaction is necessary which drives the necessity of managing customer care services.

Here at Transcend International with a team of expert personnel we deliver day to day digitization and other back office operation output to make the company focus on hardcore business on the basis of conclusion driven by our given output along with customer care services.

- Pre-Interview sessions

  • Trained professionals can enter you data into an easy to access and retrieve format to make sure the process is not getting into any hurdles.
  • Our employees are competent in handling handwritten, printed, scanned and digital documents for data entry and data extraction.
  • Transcend International has a team of specialists that can process forms, orders, images, insurance claims, check, mailing list and other market research for health care industry to make is accessible and convenient to use for everyone.

- Document Management

  • Field experts standardize and equalize the documents.
  • Assortment of claim forms like HCFA processing – HCFA 1500, UB92/Uniform billing/ HCFA 1450 processing, Dental claims document processing is done by the expert staff that gives our client the cost reduction up to 60% on these back office works in insurance industry.
  • Data cleansing, De-duplication, Standardization, Enrichment of complex data is done by our trained employees.

- Customer Care

  • Team of English speaking candidates takes care of our client’s day to day customers covering all areas of the industry.

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